NLAC - Art for Christmas 2022 - BACKGROUND & THEME - SQUARE.png

Nothing beats a handmade gift!

The NLAC will share the work of local artists right on our social media pages.

We want to connect artists

to customers and connect customers to rad gifts! 

If you are an artist with work for sale,
or a supporter of local art looking for more info,
reach out to us using the email below:

Artists, if you would like to submit work for us to promote, please provide the following:

-Your name

  or you may also use your cool pen name, pseudonym, etc.

-Preferred method for buyer to contact you

  email address, phone number, social media handle and/or website

-Price and dimensions of each piece

  height & width (2D), or height, width and depth (3D)

-Materials used for each piece

  you put ALOT into your work... tell the people!

-State whether piece is framed or not (2D)

  potential buyers of paintings often ask this question ;)

-At least 3 pics of your pieces

  feel free to send several pics of the pieces you submit

  make sure there's good lighting and don't worry about cropping!

  PNG attached to email is preferred but we take JPEGS too


Participating artists may submit up to 3 pieces.

Art for the Holidays will run through December 31, 2022.

The NLAC takes no commission for sale of artwork(s)